90% off at Target

Target in South Portland has 90% off their Valentine’s Day stock. We found boxers and tank tops in the jammie section for .50 each. Also in the back there are Valentine stickers (.19), clingies, cards, cute coffee mugs (.49), some candy and stuffed animals.

Also marked down were the bonus packs of merchandise. And in the back endcap of the shampoo row I found various items on clearance.

In this weeks coupon insert there were Target specific coupons. We got a new red swiffer for 6.99 w. coupon.

This is after my not so great trip to Target on Friday. I saved over 25.00 but it should have been been more like 35.00 w. some gift cards.

Note to self: Do not shop when you do not feel well. Smaller orders are bettter.

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CVS 2/15

I am addicted to CVS. I just had to go get the toothpaste that was on sale this week–like we need more toothpaste.  FREE is FREE and I just had to have it.

2 Crest 3.50 each
Less Coupon 1.00/2

1 Colgate 2.99
Coupon 1.00/1

1 Mike and Ike .99

subtotal + tax 9.53
Less ECB 8.00

00P:  1.53

ECB Earned 14.00:
7.00 for crest
2.00 for colgate
5/25.00 — I get these ALL the time.

12.47 in my favor today. Which I why I am addicted to this place. I have put myself on a 20/week OOP MAX to this place. And, as you know that 20.00 bucks will buy tons of stuff.

I just put all my receipts into a spreadsheet. My savings for Feb is averaging about 42%. Would be more but this is a birthday and holiday month. That is a ton of money saved–think I am doing ok as I only started this coupon thing in January.

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Get a coupon for FREE Excedrin

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Mail, Free Stuff and Bdays

Super busy around here lately.  My son is 17 today!  I can’t believe it–maybe he will allow a picture to be taken  🙂

Last week saw free yarn, con-agra booklet and tea in my mailbox. Today I got the prilosec sample with coupons and a high dollar coupon from Sara Lee.  A few weeks ago I got some bad meat.  The coupon is worth 8.99.  Double what I paid for the meat I orginally bought.

DH bought a shelving unit for all the stuff I have been getting–pictures to come.

I have been scoring at CVS–details to come.  I love that store!

Get a free sample of Burts Bees toothpaste.

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New, again, blog

So, here I am with another blog….I have had one in one form or another for a few years.  I have trashed them all–and I could kick myself for just deleting some of them without grabbing the good stuff off of them.

I am -finally-happy w. my blog name and have a focus for now–saving $$$$.  The worst thing that can happen is when my life goes to hell — who wants to hear about all the BS that went on in my life it goes on in yours as well. 

2009 is right up there w. one of the worst years evah.  2010 is already turning out better…PHEW!  Thank you UNIVERSE!

Now to work on my layout and reconnect w. all my bloggy friends and new friends in the making.

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Today’s mail had the Free Oreo coupon that I signed up for on Facebook. I believe that promo was last week or so — that was speedy quick.

Had an issue w. the Alka Seltzer cold medicine over the weekend.  It did not fizz–emailed them and today had a voice mail to call them and they want the product back.  Which I did not even think of keeping and threw it away  ACK! 

Signed up for the following:

Glad Fragrance Pack


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Monday’s Sample

Perricone Skin Care sample

True Lemon

I rec’d a sample of GOLD BOND hand sanitizer w. a .55 coupon.

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Get free coffee samples from Tasters Choice.

Free Arm and Hammer toothpaste sample.

Purex 3 in 1 Laundry Soap.



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