CVS 2/15

I am addicted to CVS. I just had to go get the toothpaste that was on sale this week–like we need more toothpaste.  FREE is FREE and I just had to have it.

2 Crest 3.50 each
Less Coupon 1.00/2

1 Colgate 2.99
Coupon 1.00/1

1 Mike and Ike .99

subtotal + tax 9.53
Less ECB 8.00

00P:  1.53

ECB Earned 14.00:
7.00 for crest
2.00 for colgate
5/25.00 — I get these ALL the time.

12.47 in my favor today. Which I why I am addicted to this place. I have put myself on a 20/week OOP MAX to this place. And, as you know that 20.00 bucks will buy tons of stuff.

I just put all my receipts into a spreadsheet. My savings for Feb is averaging about 42%. Would be more but this is a birthday and holiday month. That is a ton of money saved–think I am doing ok as I only started this coupon thing in January.

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Mail, Free Stuff and Bdays

Super busy around here lately.  My son is 17 today!  I can’t believe it–maybe he will allow a picture to be taken  🙂

Last week saw free yarn, con-agra booklet and tea in my mailbox. Today I got the prilosec sample with coupons and a high dollar coupon from Sara Lee.  A few weeks ago I got some bad meat.  The coupon is worth 8.99.  Double what I paid for the meat I orginally bought.

DH bought a shelving unit for all the stuff I have been getting–pictures to come.

I have been scoring at CVS–details to come.  I love that store!

Get a free sample of Burts Bees toothpaste.

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Today’s mail had the Free Oreo coupon that I signed up for on Facebook. I believe that promo was last week or so — that was speedy quick.

Had an issue w. the Alka Seltzer cold medicine over the weekend.  It did not fizz–emailed them and today had a voice mail to call them and they want the product back.  Which I did not even think of keeping and threw it away  ACK! 

Signed up for the following:

Glad Fragrance Pack


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